Get SystemWeaver® pre-loaded with our industry-tested modules.

Our plans are tailormade for specific needs and situations within your product development. They come pre-loaded with our industry-tested modules. If our tailored plans don’t meet your needs we also offer a basic plan of SystemWeaver®.

+ Cybersecurity

With our Cybersecurity plan you bring continuous compliance to your cybersecurity work and processes. By adding this module, you as a cybersecurity expert get all the views, guidance, and cybersecurity catalogs needed.


ISO/SAE 21434

  • TARA
  • (Standard and customized) cybersecurity catalogs WP.29
  • CVSS, Attack path and Attack tree
  • Stride, CIA or customized security properties
  • ISO/SAE 21434 templates
  • Full traceability
  • Document generation
  • Integrated with System design and Functional safety

+ Adaptive AUTOSAR

With our AUTOSAR plan you get all the necessary help to develop the next generation of cars according to the AUTOSAR standard.


Systems Design, Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR

  • Definition of Service interfaces and C++ implementation data types with dedicated user interfaces
  • Definition of Adaptive SW Components and packaging of components into Executables
  • Mixed architecture with both CP and AP elements mapped together using Interface Mappings
  • Allocation of executables to machines (Process designs)
  • Ethernet topology
  • Interface and Instance deployment supporting SOME/IP with dedicated user interfaces
  • AUTOSAR manifest export

+ Functional Safety

Bring your FuSa work and process to the next level with our dedicated Functional Safety plan. Moves projects from based compliance to continuous compliance.


ISO 26262, SOTIF

  • HARA
  • FTA
  • FMEA
  • Safety Case GSN
  • Guide word analysis & catalog
  • Situation analysis & catalog
  • Conceptual systems mode


Traceability, process description and documentation. With our ASPICE plan you achieve higher levels of ASPICE. Increase your process awareness by providing means to specify, tailor, communicate and monitor the processes and product data.


Standard ASPICE, Safe ISO 12207, SWEBOK

  • Process description
  • Documentation
  • Communication and monitoring
  • Full traceability
  • Integrated system design levels

Do our ready-to-use modules not suit your needs? That’s alright, you can build your own.

If you feel that none of our plans fit your specific need, you can always get our basic plan. It gives you full access to the SystemWeaver® platform and the ability to create your own modules.