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Ensure cybersecurity and comply with ISO/SAE 21434.

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SystemWeaver® helps teams in complex product development stay in control.

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We are SystemWeaver.

SystemWeaver at Polestar

"It’s crucial to be able to deliver with precision so that it’s right from the beginning. The better the quality of requirements, the fewer loops. With SystemWeaver, it is possible to build a process that you can check continuously, even if it takes time, so you get better precision."

Max Cavallin Group Leader – Platform Technologies, Polestar

SystemWeaver at u-blox

“Other tools are not as flexible as SystemWeaver, which allows us to adapt the environment to our needs and not vice versa.”

Marcus Wilamowitz Safety Critical Product Development, u-blox

SystemWeaver at Zeekr

"Having a tool which is easy to adapt and also make changes quickly in the tool, and roll those out to our users in an efficient way has been key to success."

Jeremy Parker Operations manager, Zeekr Technology Europe

You are never alone

The SystemWeaver® team of experts is here to support you throughout the process. Get help from us when you need it. And participate in our training program to start running the show yourself.


We can help out from early evaluations to long term support.

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Take part in our training program for both users and architects. Or a tailor-made program.

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A new PLM paradigm

Introducing the new way of developing cars, managing end-to-end software development. Software PLM revolutionizes software in the same way PLM revolutionized the hardware side of development.

  • Boost innovation. With Software PLM you can move focus from repetitive tasks to pursuing new ideas and opportunities.
  • Improve quality. With Software PLM you have all your software in one system of systems.
  • Reduce cost. Boost reuse of code. Slash recalls. Work smarter.

Introducing Software PLM

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