What we do

SystemWeaver supports global software engineering organizations doing things that has never been done before. In a fast-paced digital-first world, the software content of products is ever increasing and complexity rises constantly. With SystemWeaver, the innovator of world’s first true Software-PLM technology platform, software engineering organizations has now the required tool for continuously managing, automating and securing their fast-paced agile workflows throughout software life-cycles.

Today, SystemWeaver is a trusted global partner to software development teams as they use Software-PLM as their fundamentally different approach to increase velocity, flexibility and manage complexity.

Where we come from

SystemWeaver was founded more than 20 years ago in Sweden by Jan Söderberg, Mikael Strömberg and Claes Anderson. They had an early understanding of that future software development would require a fundamentally different approach to managing, automating and securing fast-paced agile work-flows throughout software life-cycles. As innovators of SystemWeaver, the world’s first Software-PLM technology platform, they laid the foundation to a new paradigm in software engineering.

Over the years, SystemWeaver has evolved to a trusted global partner for many well-renowned companies within automotive, automation and heavy equipment.

Backed by JCE

Today, SystemWeaver® is backed by JCE, a long-term investor with the aim of creating sustainable companies that lasts over generations. In the group, SystemWeaver® joins more than 5 000 individuals across the globe with businesses operating with technology, software, manufacturing, and other industries.

Our executive leadership team

Daniel Åman

Daniel is driving SystemWeaver's strategic direction and international expansion, with over 20 years of experience in multi-national high-tech companies and start-ups. He is focused on helping companies around the world as they look to SystemWeaver to secure and automate their development organizations for a digital-first world. Daniel brings rich leadership experience in management, business development and engineering from category leading vendors such as SmartEye and Ericsson.

Mats Larsson

As VP of Solution Management, he leads the work on product definition, customer offer, and product pricing. In this role, he defines the product roadmap for SystemWeaver and associated products and offers.

Marcus Stakeberg Ingvar

Marcus and his sales- and marketing team are responsible for strengthening SystemWeaver’s brand and increasing demand for SystemWeaver’s solutions. With solid experience in international sales, business development and customer success, both from tech start-ups and tech giants in the enterprise software domain, Marcus is driving SystemWeaver’s product-centered go-to-market strategy and makes sure the value proposition meets and exceeds the needs of our key customers, strategic partners, and new demands on the market.

Charlotta Andersson

Charlotta and her team is responsible for finance, control and continuous improvement for the SystemWeaver operations. With her broad knowledge and long experience, Charlotta works actively to ensure that SystemWearver continuously improves to efficiently manage its growth.”

Our board of directors

Hasse Johansson

With a MSc in Engineering, Hasse has morethan 30 years of experience from the automotive industry. Previous positions include EVP Research & Development at Scania and Managing Director of Johansson Teknik & Form. Hasse is also a memberof the Business Executives Council of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Board member of Autoliv AB, DevPort AB and Swedish Electromagnet Investment AB.

Carl Backman

With a MSc in Engineering and an MBA, Carl has morethan 25 years of experience in the investment industry focusing on industrial as well as software companies. Currently CEO at JCE Group AB with previous positions including Investment Director at Fourier transform and CEO of Bure Equity.

Board memberof Semcon AB, Consafe Logistics AB, Bruks Siwertell AB, Nohau Solutions AB and others.

Andreas Anyuru

With a MSc in ElectricalEngineering, Andreas has more than 20 years of experience from the technology and software sector. Currently CTO at Consafe Logistics with previous positions at ARM Technologies, Ericsson, Sony and others.

Board memberof Nohau Solutions AB and Systemite AB.

David Andersson

With a MSc in Engineering and Business, Davids background originates from the management consulting industry, focusing on manufacturing, software and technology companies. Currently Investment Manager at JCE Invest AB with previous positions at Capgemini Consulting. 

Board member of Baltic Safety Products AB, Jobro Sheet Metal Technology AB, Aliaro AB, Nohau Solutions AB and others.

Martin Henricson

With a BSc in Behavioral Sciences and Economics, Martin has over 25 years of experience in the software industry as CEO and investor. Currently Managing Director at Monterro Partners with previous positions including CEO of Outpost24 and Episerver.

Board member of Episerver AB, Outpost24, BBG AB, Umbraco A/S and Consafe Logistics AB.

Claes Anderson

One of the main founders of SystemWeaver in 2000. Claes has a MSc in Electrical Engineering and is a pioneer in the field. With over 30 years’ experience from the automotive industry and immense knowledge about embedded software development, he is an important asset especially with his deep SystemWeaver knowledge.

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