ISO/SAE 21434 tools

With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, the automotive industry faces a critical challenge with cybersecurity. Today’s cars are becoming increasingly connected, and therefore, protecting drivers' safety and privacy has become the top priority.

The UN Regulation No. 155 presents binding requirements for OEMs, which are required to comply with the regulations in order to gain market access. To meet the regulation, the International Standards Organization (ISO) and SAE International introduced the ISO/SAE 21434 cybersecurity standard to offer a reference point for compliance. The standard provides a guideline for vehicles to achieve compliance. Being compliant is mandatory and failure to fulfill the standards will prevent OEMs from selling their cars in Europe. Moreover, OEMs will avoid product delays and minimize the risk of human errors in cybersecurity management, which could result in vulnerabilities and system failures.

While there are many challenges facing OEMs and suppliers in meeting the criteria of the standard, the right ISO/SAE 21434 (TARA) tool can make all the difference. With SystemWeaver's cybersecurity module, your organization can easily collaborate in real-time, conduct threat analyses, and perform risk assessments on multiple levels, including complete vehicle level, even when handling multiple data sources with high complexity. Not only do you stay compliant with ISO/SAE 21434, but you will also be able to track data over time, with our built-in versioning and configuration management.

"With hundreds of millions of lines of code, the risk of cyberattacks is increasing."

Today’s cars are more connected than ever, and with hundreds of millions of lines of code, the risk of cyberattacks is increasing. Every connected aspect of a vehicle, such as IoT devices, Bluetooth connectivity, and OTA updates, are potential entry points for attackers to exploit. OEMs must therefore protect their cars, and ensure customers' safety and privacy while on the roads, by staying up to date with industry standards.

What tool to use?

How SystemWeaver can help you achieve compliance with ISO/SAE21434

SystemWeaver offers one system for designing and handling complex software in vehicles.

Our tool is based on a unique graph database technology that enables flexible and efficient data management, allowing you to model complex systems and product architectures. It provides a client-server set-up that is highly customizable and allows users to configure their own views, reports, and workflows.

SystemWeaver is the world's leading Software PLM platform, enabling a new paradigm in automotive software engineering. A leap where continuous compliance and actual reuse are the standards, which leads to secure and compliant cars.

SystemWeaver has achieved ISO/SAE 21434 certification.This significant milestone underscores our commitment to automotive cybersecurity, ensuring our products meet the highest security standards. Achieving this certification demonstrates our dedication to protecting our customers and stakeholders from potential cybersecurity threats.